Depositing and Withdrawing

We are so lucky these days that the internet has evolved into a fairy safe and trustworthy place to send money to different online shops and with online casinos it’s not different. There are numerous ways you can fund your casino account and it’s very easy and quick in most cases.

Choosing the right payment method and the right online casino to pay into is important but not that difficult anymore. Obviously it depends on which country you live and which currency you want to play with but in but in general there are a number of methods and currencies that casinos allow that makes playing slots and live casino games a lot easier these days.

The web has thrown up a huge array of new methods of transferring funds, these are called e-wallets. The main examples are names you will undoubtedly have of heard of like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Ecopayz. And of course the best and most popular method, which the online casinos love the best, the trusty old credit card.

Check out our casino reviews where we report back on currencies and payment methods allowed for each casino. We have done all the work for you so you can quickly find the information you need to make an informed choice on each top casino ranking

Interesting to note: growing more and more popular these days is direct transfer from your bank account and there are even new casinos springing up now that tie in your casino registration procedure to their casino through your bank ID. This saves filling out the registration form and cuts down on the information you have to provide. We are monitoring the development of these paynplay casinos closely and began testing the main ones to see if there is any advantage to us. We will be reporting back on these new casinos soon where you juts paynplay.

Other things to look out for:

  • Never use someone else’s payment method without their permission. You can advise the casino in advance you have permission but they will want proof so its best never to do it
  • Accept that if you have a win your casino withdrawal will be sent to the same account you used to deposit with. This is to protect against casino fraud and a big plus for keeping casino players safe. If you want to change your casino withdrawal to another method get the casinos permission in advance
  • All casinos we rank are licensed in various countries, you can see this at the bottom of each casinos website and also in our casino review. Under these licenses the casinos are required by law to check who you say you are and they will ask you to send in documents to prove it. No withdrawal will be made to you until this is done and you are verified. It’s important you can send a scan of your passport, a current utility bill like electricity and even a photo of your credit card front and back. You can black out the number at the back. Have them ready and every casino allows you to upload these documents on their website or in the casino client area. So when you register at any casino give your true details as they will want to see the documents to match them


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